Instruct us

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    Contact us...

    Step 1 - Either Phone or fill in our contact form. One of our specialist Surveillance consultants, will receive and action your request and advise on the best course of action.

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    Plan and Action enquiry

    Step 2 - Our Surveillance team will perform information enquiries and reconansence before carrying out the surveillance task.

  • 3
    Reporting & Evidence

    Step 3 - PLC will provide detailed reports and evidence in connection to the Surveillance enquiry. PLC will then deliver affidavit or statements of truth in connection to the case.


Sickness & Absenteeism - Accidents & Fraudulent Claims - Corporate & Matrimonial Peace of Mind - Cohabitation enquiries

PLC offer a range of surveillance services, but there is one thing you can be sure of....
When PLC undertake an instruction. The latest technology and professional personel will be deployed. We offer surveillance to corporate and public clients. Our public clients reguraly use are services for such things as Matrimonial piece of mind. However good your relationship is with your partner there are times when you may suspect foul play. A simple report could be all thats required to satisfy any doubts.

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